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„Absolutely delightful feel-good jazz.“

(SWR Kultur)

"... The relaxed feeling on 'Gentlemen's Choice', the pleasant sounds,

that always please the ear, are very accessible, especially for people,

who are not yet jazz listeners.“

(Die Rheinpfalz)

He is one of the most successful and popular jazz musicians in Germany...

When you listen to his new album, you just want to lean back,

close your eyes and relax.“

(Rhein Neckar Zeitung)

Thomas Siffling is considered one of the most established and successful jazz musicians of his generation in the German-speaking world.

Undoubtedly, he is one of the most significant representatives of the German NuJazz lounge scene and has made a name for himself through countless celebrated performances in the most prestigious jazz clubs and at jazz festivals both domestically and abroad.


But Thomas Siffling is not only extremely successful as a jazz musician.


In recent years, with the "Ella & Louis" jazz club in Mannheim, he has realized his dream of owning a high-quality jazz club and has established one of the best live jazz clubs in Germany.

The "Ella & Louis" in Mannheim received the nationally awarded "Applaus" program prize in 2021 and 2022, recognizing its excellence as a venue. The internationally renowned Downbeat Magazine also named Ella & Louis one of the top six jazz clubs in Germany in both 2023 and 2024.

After a six-year musical hiatus, the long-awaited new CD by Thomas Siffling, "Gentlemen's Choice," is now being released!


Relaxed smooth jazz in the best West Coast tradition, perfect for all fans of Thomas Siffling's albums "Cruisen" (2009), "Chin Chin Sessions" (2013), and "Ragbag" (2018).

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"Gentlemen's Choice" is not only the new album title by top jazz musician Thomas Siffling, but it could also be his life motto. Siffling, born on December 18, 1972, in Karlsruhe, is a multi-talented and successful individual. What he tackles as a musician and business gentleman, he brings to success with great talent and commitment, elevating it to a new level. The Musician Thomas Siffling is considered one of the most established and successful jazz musicians of his generation in the German-speaking world. Siffling studied jazz trumpet at the music academies in Mannheim and Stuttgart. In the following years, he collaborated with, among others, Söhne Mannheims, Pit Baumgartner of De-Phazz, the band re:jazz, and Club des Belugas. At 33, Thomas Siffling received the Jazz Award of the State of Baden-Württemberg. More awards followed. With the support of the Goethe-Institut, he toured under his own name through India, Sri Lanka, Canada, Haiti, and Italy. Other tours took him to Russia, South America, and almost all European countries. In 2004, his first album, "Change," was released, characterized by electronic influences. With his sound, Siffling ventured into new musical territory by enhancing his trumpet sound with electronic effects. He became a jazz pioneer, incorporating electronic elements into his sound to fuse them into a new kind of contemporary jazz. In the German-speaking world, he is one of the key pioneers of Nu- & Lounge Jazz. In 2007, Thomas Siffling released his first successful concept album, "Kitchen Music." Finest jazz for unforgettable kitchen parties with friends. The CD booklet included matching recipes, and fan merchandise featured kitchen aprons and oven mitts. With "Cruisen" in 2009, he delivered his first Smooth Jazz and Easy Listening masterpiece. Once again, Siffling impressively demonstrated with his relaxed band sound that he belongs to the first ranks of Nu- & Lounge Jazz across many jazz terrains. As a trumpeter, he is characterized by an unmistakably soft and tasteful trumpet sound and a rather reserved style of playing. Through his compositions and relaxed band sound, Thomas Siffling reaches a large and diverse audience with his productions. His lyrical and melody-focused playing style is as much a trademark as his constant questioning of his own art and the associated further development. However, always under the premise of creating an understandable jazz that does not close doors to the audience but, on the contrary, opens them and makes them want more. Since 2022, Siffling has fulfilled a long-held dream and also performs as a singer. Here, he visibly follows in the footsteps of his great role model, Chet Baker. After a six-year musical hiatus, Thomas Siffling now releases his 14th album, "Gentlemen's Choice," under his own name. Relaxed Smooth Jazz, in the best West Coast tradition. The Entrepreneur Thomas Siffling loves challenges and exploring new areas. Whatever he tackles, he does with full passion and a lot of social commitment. And not just in the musical field, but also as a businessman and jazz lobbyist. When the opportunity arose in 2018 to establish his own jazz club in the cellar vault of Mannheim's Rosengarten, he did not hesitate. In the following years, Siffling established the high-quality jazz club Ella & Louis in his adopted home of Mannheim as managing director and curator. With weekly four and annually over 100 concerts, the club has become popular among musicians and jazz lovers beyond Germany's borders. Two venue awards in 2021 and 2022, such as the nationwide program prize "Applaus" and an annual club occupancy rate of over 90% with 15,000 concert tickets sold (season 2023/24), impressively demonstrate this. The internationally renowned Downbeat Magazine named Ella & Louis one of the top six jazz clubs in Germany in 2023 and again in 2024. The Organizer, Artistic Director, and Curator Thomas Siffling is responsible as artistic director for numerous successful concert series, including the "Jazz Nights" at the Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe and the Theater in Dessau. He also successfully served as the artistic director of the big band of the software giant SAP. Since 2017, he has also been the artistic director of the Lions Jazz Festival. That's not all. Since 2023, Siffling Productions has successfully organized the Mannheim Jazz Festival. In the premiere year, jazz greats like Curtis Stigers, Wolfgang Haffner, and Bill Evans delighted the audience. In 2024, the Mannheim Jazz Festival will go into its second round with artists like Max Mutzke, Barbara Dennerlein, Anika Nilles, Nicole Johaentgen, and other well-known artists. Additionally, Siffling has been advising the Jazz & Joy Festival in Worms for years. The Jazz Lobbyist and His Social Commitment His premise of creating top conditions for musicians and simultaneously generating more social relevance and visibility for jazz shapes and motivates him. "I think it's important that as a musician, you don't just take, but also give something back." (Thomas Siffling) For his great commitment to making Mannheim a lively jazz city again nationally visible, Siffling was awarded the highest honorary order of the city of Mannheim, the "Bloomaul," in 2023. "I'm also a local patriot. I try to push Mannheim forward and contribute my humble part to it." (Thomas Siffling) In early 2024, Siffling expanded and opened a second Ella & Louis Live Jazz Club in the Holzhausenschlösschen in Frankfurt, where he also works as a curator. Despite all his success as a businessman and curator, Siffling remains at heart a passionate and emotional musician – and that is the focus again in 2024! Discography / Musical Milestones 2024 Thomas Siffling „Gentlemen’s Choice“ (14. Album) 2018 Club des Belugas & Thomas Siffling „Ragbag“ (13. Album) 2017 Thomas Siffling “Flow” (12. Album) 2016 Erste musikalische Kooperation mit dem Kurpfälzischen Kammerorchester 2015 Diverse internationale Konzerte, u.a. Paris, London, Bukarest, Luzern, Haiti 2015 Premiere 2. Ballett-Auftragskomposition für das Kevin O’Day Ballett am NTM, Mannheim 2014 Thomas Siffling & Claus Boesser-Ferrari „Songs – Live at the Pawnshop” (11. Album) 2014 Konzerte & Studioaufenthalte u.a., Dänemark, Niederlande, Belgien, Rumänien 2013 Club des Belugas & Thomas Siffling “Chin Chin Sessions” (10. Album) 2013 Thomas Siffling Trio “Personal Relations” (9. Album) 2012 Premiere 1. Ballett-Auftragskomposition für das Kevin O’Day Ballett am NTM, Mannheim 2011 Thomas Siffling & Claus Boesser-Ferrari „Duologix“ (8. Album) 2010 Thomas Siffling & Daniel Prandl “Ballads” (7. Album) 2009 Thomas Siffling Trio “Cruisen” (6. Album) 2007 Thomas Siffling Trio “Kitchen Music” (5. Album) 2005 Thomas Siffling & The Public Sound Office “Human Impressions” (4. Album) 2004 Thomas Siffling “Changes” (3. Album) 2001 Thomas Siffling Group “Stories” (2. Album) 1999 Thomas Siffling Jazz Quartett “Soft Wind” (1. Album)

Live Termine

Live Dates

Konzert: Ella & Louis Jazz Night
Seebühne im Luisenpark
Mannheim, Beginn: 18Uhr
Thomas Siffling & Band - CD Release Konzert "Jazz" 
Badisches Staatstheater
Karlsruhe, Beginn: 19Uhr
Thomas Siffling & Band - CD Release Konzert "Jazz" 
Ella & Louis Frankfurt
Beginn: 19:30Uhr
Konzert: Thomas Siffling Mediterranean Quartett
Bensheim, Beginn: 19Uhr
Konzert: Thomas Siffling 
Fill in Festival
Saarlouis, Beginn: 19Uhr
Konzert: Thomas Siffling Groove Quartett
Weingut Grün
Grünstadt, Beginn: 20Uhr
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Gentlemen's Choice Live at Ella & Louis Jazz Club Mannheim, May 30.,2024

Studio Recordings for Gentlemen's Choice


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